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tv   ABC7 News at 12A on KOFY  KOFY  April 5, 2013 12:00am-12:30am PDT

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>> well, this bay area paramedic who helped so many others to live has died. two days after being shot in oakland. good evening. carolyn has the night off. >> i'm dan. so tonight oakland police are now looking for a killer and motive. why? why would someone open fire on boy would was we now know had just taken his father to the talktor. lisa is live in san jose at the ambulance service where boyer worked.
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>> the medic here are devastated and news of the friend death spread very quickly and in return this memorial behind me grew. just moments after boyer death his friend and colleagues tied this black ribbon around the sign he passed every day on his way to work. the 34-year-old was a paramedic at santa clara county ambulance in san jose. >> it's senseless and horrible to see somebody who worked to make a xunt better save people lives for that to go away is tragic. >> oakland police calling boyer death a homicide. they say he had just left his father's home in oakland after taking him to a doctor's appointment tuesday morning. and as he waited at a stop sign on keller avenue somebody rolled up an shot him. boyer car careened off the road and crashed in a ravine. >> everybody loved him. everybody loved working with
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him. the great patient care. i think those are some of the best qualities about him. >> he started working as medic in the county in 2000 8. he worked for amr with brian stow stowe. stowe was also a paramedic. he was badly beat ep after giants dodger game in 2011. >> it's just two years after that if they are reeling. same emotion 0coming wac. >> medic rally held fundraiser for brian stowe. now most don't know what to do to help boyer family. friends say he got married one year ago this month. >> having a tough time. very emotionalment it has been an emotional week. just the circumstances of what happened. about. >>reporter: counselors coming here since tuesday and will be here once again to speak with staffer tomorrow. live in san jose tonight, abc 7 news. >> thank you so much. security video captured the quick
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response of vacationing pinole police officer this weekend. on saturday a woman attacked security guard at honolulu international airport that's when corporal rodgers sprang into action. you see him leaping over right there. wrestled down the atablinger and handcuffed her. gave statement to authorities and still made his flight home. corp relevant rodgers has been with the pinole police department since 2006. superiors say they are proud of his actions. >> growing controversy tonight over comments president obama made about california attorney general pamela parris. he said quote you have to be careful to first of all say she is brilliant and dedicated and she is tough. then he said she also happens to be by far the best looking attorney general in the country. the comments were made this morning at democratic if you said raiser in atherton. wrapped up 2 days of fund raiser in the bay area and generate add lot of reaction on twitter and over the internet. vanity fair headline on line reads sexual harassment and new york magazine blog was fairly
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representative when it said the president is in need of gender sensitivity training. now we tried to reach the attorney general tonight for reaction to this and spokesperson said harris is currently traveling and unavailable for comment. >> pair of tornado and funnel cloud spotted tonight. look at the you tube video that shows one of the tornado near red bluff. happened at about 7:00 o'clock tonight. there were no reports of any or daniel. but heats go right to sandhya with live doppler 7hd. >> i show you live doppler 7 hd because we have drizzle around oakland. santa rosa.lis showers falling have just ende ended. all falling bloat radar beam. now let's talk about the severe weather in northern california and there was a report of funnel cloud 6:20 p.m. and this was in the vicinity of rancho, 2 tornado reports. 1 at 6:50 and it touched down near gerber as far as the impact unknown at this
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time. another one at 6:59 it was a rope tornado with some debris cloud in empty field and of course the tornado duration was about 2 minutes as you check out the rid arrest here you notice the severe thunderstorm that rolled through the area responsible for the tornado and the funnel cloud. does happen there every so often and thinks one of the times of years where it happen happens. bay area facing drizzle conditions total morning and more showers in the forecast. let you know if this is going to impact the weekend plans. >> thanks very much. see you shortly. >> oakland police chief admits tonight one of the officers shot an innocent person in the face last night. shooting happened at tenth and jefferson street. police respond to armed robbery. one block away. they say a witness led them to 3 teenagers. several officers pulled guns. one says there was a perceived threat. officer fired grazing the teenager jaw. well it turns out the teenager were not involved in any way. chief jordan promised thorough review to figure out exactly why it
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happened. >> the officers were directed there by a witness. someone that was involved or knew about the robbery. based on that information i believe the officers had the right to follow-up on that and take action. xd whether this was appropriate or not that's something to be determined. >>reporter: review will be led by the internal affairs division. teenager treated and released from the hospital. robbers remain on the loose tonight. may be accused of crash ago car into a wal-mart then attacking people inside was in court for the first time today in connection with the rampage. judge delayed the plea at superior court in san jose. he faces 12 counts total including 2 for attempted murder. prosecutors say on sunday he drove through the front glass doors of the wall maut mart on story road and attacked people with a metal club. no bail saying there is substantial risk because would he harm the public. >> search for missing hiker ended in southern california
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today with dramatic rescue. 18-year-old kendall jack air-lifted out of the canyon in orange county this afternoon. she was pulled from a rocky out cropping half mile from her parked car. searchers tracked jack down after hearing her screaming for help. she is being treated for extreme dehydration and exhaustion. >> very dangerous. she wouldn't have made it much longer. she's, she's really, really lucky. >> jack hiking partner inner is zoo us conditiotonight at hospital in mission viejo. he was found dehydrated disoriented with no shoe on last night. >> fans remembering legendary movie critic roger ebert. the critic died today just days afteri announced his cancer had returned. he was first diagnosed in 2010 then lost the ability to speak after surgery in 2006. ebert known for his thumb up thumb down tv review that influenced movie goers for decades. ebert was 70 years old. really was a pay near.
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>> yes. >> 2 number thumb up for roger eastbound sneert bay area city that never sleeps. new rule that will allow businesses to stay open all night long. >> also. tech savvy crook breaking into cars and police have no idea how they are doing it. >> the target apology. what is it about this ad that is making women so fewer us? >> then later on "jimmy kimmel live". >> thanks music from seventh and mad men liz both and from gray's anatomy dr. gray himself. patrick democracy is himself. patrick democracy is here
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>> berkeley city leaders encourage business on telegraph avenue to put an all nighter pull an all nighter permanentl permanently. city council voted to extend operating hours for businesses in the area of telegraph avenue between dwight and bancroft way next to the uc berkeley campus. lillian is live in berkeley with more. >> 2:00 a.m. is the latest
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business here on telegraph can stay open but in a matter of weeks some could be operating around the clock. night owl could soon have more option in berkeley. many cal students like the sound of that. >> if we are not heading to the city or something like that, there's always something like we are looking to do. in one month businesses on telegraph avenue between bancroft and dwight way will be allowed to stay open 24 hours without paying a fee or lengthy city permit process. part of berkeley attempt to recitalize the neighborhood. 4 block stretch plagued by vacate an situation. owner of the old book store hopes it brings much feeded change. >> even before the 60's there was whole beat nick scene here and definitely had a night life. night to bring it back. >> change applies to any business that wants to take advantage drugstore to restaurants and this sports bar says it's seriously considering staying open 24 hours. >> a lot of time students come
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to study so if we can provide a late night. option for students to come and study and have a really nice bite to eat it could be good for them. >> not everyone is excited about the possibility. michael chew lives from an apartment on telegraph. >> going to be a lot of noise at nighttime. hard to sleep. i'm against it. >>reporter: despite such concern city leaders moving ahead and considering even more changes to telegraph that will could have everything from parking to music events. >> my support for trying this is based on the fact that this is what the people to live with here has said they want to see. >>reporter: and berkeley city council will vote on the next set of improvement at the end of the month. live in berkele berkeley, abc 7 news. >> thanks. >> thieves ran off with nearly 20,000 dollars in gift cards belonging to petaluma elementary school today. gift cards were purchased by the parent teacher association for fundraiser. cards and several check were his taken out of a locked car in front of parent
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home early this morning. right now police no suspect. >> new high tech did he vase giving criminal easy access to cars and stumpping police. take a look at the survillains video from long beach. man approach a park. he holds device in the hand. disables the car alarm and unlock the car door. in this video it worked on mazda and accura. but didn't give the thieves access to ford or cadillac. police say they have never seen figure like this. >> shown this video to experts in the field and everybody right now is they don't know what it is. e-long beach police say they are working with law enforcement agency across the country and vehicle manufacturer to identify the technology being used. >> get to the bottom of that quickly. >> facebook wants to change the way you use your phone. zuckerberg released home today. software that puts facebook content on the home screen
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rather than requiring to you check app for the same information. urn turn the phone on and facebook photo first seechbility work only on android phone and eventually available on tablet. home begin rolling out on april 12t 12th. >> target is apologizing after backlash over the color description on a dress. this is the target ad for maxi-dress. stand arrested size investigation of the dress is available in dark gray but the same color in the plus size version is described as manatee gray. take a look. these are manatee. large marine mammal sometimes called sea cow. orange county woman talked about the discrepancy and got attention. target caught wind and issued apology saying they are work to go fix tonight i'll bet. why run when you can walk? new study says when it comes to your heart one may as good as another. walking briskly than lower the risk for high blur
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the study by the berkeley lab prepared tens of thus of rirns and waishtion. distance rather than speed reaps the ben. health advantages are very similar. >> a little bit of an not get throughout today because of the rain. >> it was pouring this morning and sandhya is here but that excuse may going away for awhile. >> absolutely. tomorrow you have no excuse. i'll check out live doppler 7hd right now we have clouds around. fog around half moon bay reporting visibility to quarter of a mile and drizzle spots most of the moytion falling below the radar beam. topic of moisture check out the rainfall total past 24 hours here. 45 hundredths inch in san francisco. 63 hundredths san rafael. oakland fairfield under half inch only 15 hundredths livermore. san jose mountain view redwood city 27 hundredths half inch in
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boulder creek with the storm that came through here today. view from the emeryville camer camera. see all the low clouds as we look back towards the bay and san francisco. 55 right now in san francisco. 57 in san jose. here's view from the new high definition golden gate bridge camera and we have some fog and clouds around also mist drizzle out there. santa rosa 55 degrees. 58 in livermore. union city 59 and los gatos sits in the mid 50's. highlights. clouds fog spotty showers overnight tonight. mostly cloudy tomorrow. weekend chance of showers so both days talk about it in just a moment. tomorrow it's the giants home opener against the st. louis cardinals at&t park mostly cloudy low 60's dropping down to the upper 50's. take a light jacket with you if heading there. could be a couple sprinkle but not expecting any real rain tomorrow for the home opener. that's a winning forecast. >> all right for the giants that is. >> pushing off to the east. basically lacking spotty
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drizzle for the morning commut commute. still a lot of low clouds around and then for the weekend it's unsettled. 2 systems moving through very weak systems. best possibility of seeing any light showers will be in the north bay both days and if heading to tahoe doing more last minute spring skiing i know the window starting to close now mostly cloudy friday. low 50's. saturday slight chance of showers. sunday better chance of showers. morning low in the upper 20's to low 30's afternoon high in the low 50's. here's look at the computer animation. tonight 11:00 p.m. clouds fog spotty drizzle. 8:00 a.m. saturday i'm just fast forwarding to the weekend. you see light showers in the north bay. could see a few as we head into the 10, 11:00 o'clock hour saturday morning then that's it. sunday morning we have an area wide possibility of seeing showers but even that will be winding down by nann time so if you have afternoon plans things are looking fen beth days but morning plans may include wet weather. first they think tomorrow morning give yourself
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plenty of time. upper 40's to low 50's. fog around. spotty drizzle creating damp roadway and cloud cover out there for the afternoon mostly cloudy could be few sprinkles. most areas will see the temperatures coming. 67 in napa tomorrow. 66 oakland exploratorium half man bay 62 palo alto 66 upper 60's around san jose livermore and antioch. here's 7 day forecast. could be few sprinkle total. chance of some early showers saturday. another round of showers sunday very light. check out the warming trend. i know a lot of people excited about this tuesday through thursday 70's around the baylow to mid 60's at the coast. 7 news has another great weather resource for you to follow. twitter very latest bay area weather conditions rain or shine video forecast spare the air alert power outage info and weather tweet from the favorite weather team. >> a lieutenant on there 4. >> absolutely we do. >> thanks very much. >> we can say what have we want about josh and his look but ult
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matt maltly he laughs all the way to the bank. >> larry here with that story. >> and to the bleachers. now it's said everything has its beauty but not everyone seess t it. obviously he never saw josh reddick beard. a's slug we are hair raising clout of we are hair raising clout of the season. is he evx
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>> good evening everybody. we went deep that the archives for this. great confucius had one. so did lincoln. now josh reddick is carrying on the tradition of furry face beard. is a outfielder repeat dad he's not shaving. in the for you. not for me. wrapping up the 4 game series with matinee. 1 handed grap grab. also with a beard. coincidence? i think not. reddick came in o for 10. taking away the power. no. 2 run homer in the first. 2 for 3 today. 4 rbi. 2 nothing a's. i want some. this is fourth homer of the season. lead cut to 3-two say
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it again. tl the second of the year here. maybe confucius said it first. i don't know. powering them to victory. split the series and hit the road now for 3 games in houston. >> pretty good swing in the past few games and haven't got anything to fall yet so i think it's just a level of going up there with the confidence i have to hit the ball and in the trying to get too much out of my zone and trying to help the team when i can. >> and giants with day off as mentioned. hoement home opener tomorrow against the cardinals. cal women basketball team left for the final 4 in new orleans. coach listened situation said just as important as practice was stopping at cafe due monhome of the world famous benett. like the iconic new orleans dessert the season has been sweet for cal. nobody expected a final if you are meeting with louisville. bears
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honored at pep rally in berkeley today before they departed. they know they are not the favorite to win the national title. that's just fine with them. >> tried and true and been there. i now realize how amazing for coaches in the team final 4 up to 6 years in a row. it's neat but we have a pretty good game in the first game with exciting players and great basketball around the country and feels neat to republic the west coast. >> nba action tonight best in the west squaring off. serj tleing down. do you remember rapt taking duncan off the dribble. 25. thunder win it 100 to 88. half game behind the spurs. top record in the west. lpga first major of the year under way. the championship in rancho mirage. 15-year-old amateur lydia. approach on 10 within a foot for birdie. par 72. 4 shots off the pavements 3 way tie for
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the lead that includes peterson birdie 18 here. tie with if these ladies. fenl if you are weekend in atlanta began with skills competition. university of detroit mercy dog anderson. no mercy. winning slam dunk title. 1 80 spin with old school reverse cup finish are you kidding me? that was with authority. abc 7 sports. i like the championship. >> difficult. >> 7 sports brought to you by river rock casino. may have been confucius who said he's not about yours. >> if i could dunk that's the way would i do it. >> all right it's back. >> some within dear is it the same door? we have the
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